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Veterinary Forensics in Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Andrew Silverstone completed a Master of Science degree from the University of Florida in Veterinary Forensic Sciences. He is the only person to receive a scholarship from ASPCA twice for their Veterinary Forensics Program at UF. Often, his cases involve animal abuse, where it’s important to identify whether or not the animal’s injury or death was intentional or accidental.

What Does a Forensic Veterinarian Do?

A forensic veterinarian identifies, collects, and assesses evidence from animals and their environment, particularly in civil and criminal court cases, as well as insurance company investigations that involve animals. The forensic veterinarian works to clearly convey, in an unbiased manner, the evidence they find to assist the judge and/or jury in understanding the evidence presented.

Forensic science is an important field, particularly in veterinary medicine, that can be used to resolve civil disputes, enforce laws and government regulations, and most importantly, give animals a voice.


How Do I Contact Dr. Silverstone for a Forensics Investigation?

If you are an attorney involved in a criminal, civil, or other legal matter, please contact the animal hospital (757) 340-6996. We’ll set up a time for Dr. Silverstone to call you back and discuss your case.