Teeth Cleaning

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Promoting Greater Well-Being with Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Virginia Beach, VA

Teeth help your pet eat, play, explore, and even defend themselves. When they're living in pain due to dental disease, it not only affects their mouth, it affects their quality of life. At Veterinary Hospital of Virginia Beach, we take a proactive approach to dental care that helps to prevent and sometimes reverse dental disease. We highly recommend routine professional cat and dog teeth cleaning appointments as well as consistent home dental care.

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What Does Professional Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning Involve?

Professional cat and dog teeth cleaning is an in-depth procedure that requires general anesthesia for your pet. It involves removing tartar and plaque from both above and below their gum line. This buildup of plaque and tartar on teeth below the gum line plants the seeds for periodontal disease. We use the same safety protocols for dental cleanings that we do for surgeries, so your pet is in safe hands.

Professional cat and dog teeth cleanings involve:

  • Digital dental X-rays to assess the health of teeth and roots below the gum line
  • A thorough exam to detect signs of disease such as periodontal pockets, gum inflammation, damaged teeth, etc.
  • Ultrasonic and hand scaling to remove all plaque and tartar from the teeth
  • Polishing to smooth the enamel of each tooth and reduce future buildup
  • Extractions of damaged teeth, if needed

In the event your pet needs an extraction, we’ll consult with you first before going ahead with the procedure. All pets who undergo extractions are given appropriate pain medication to help ease their discomfort.