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Personalized Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Virginia Beach, VA

At Veterinary Hospital of Virginia Beach, we pride ourselves on taking a personalized and thoughtful approach to each individual pet’s health care plan. That same mindfulness goes into cat and dog vaccination protocols. While there are some vaccines we recommend for all pets, others are only recommended for pets whose lifestyle exposes them to risk. Your veterinarian works with you to determine which vaccines your pet truly needs so we can avoid any issues with over-vaccination.

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Which Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Every pet is unique, and their vaccination needs will depend on their lifestyle and exposure to risk. Yet, some diseases are more dangerous and prevalent than others, and “core” vaccines that protect against these illnesses are usually recommended for every cat and dog. Meanwhile, “noncore” or lifestyle vaccines are recommended based off your pet’s lifestyle and other factors such as their breed, health condition, whether they’re primarily indoors or outdoors, where/if they travel, and more.

Vaccination Timelines

Cats and dogs need vaccinations throughout their lives in order to maintain their immunity. Puppies and kittens will begin a vaccination series of the core and any needed lifestyle vaccines during their first year of life. This series is designed to boost their still-developing immune systems and keep them protected during their vulnerable first year. After their initial series, adult cats and dogs will require routine boosters. Many of the core vaccines are given on an annual or triennial basis, depending on the type of vaccine given. Meanwhile, many lifestyle vaccines are given on an annual basis. Your veterinarian will discuss your pet’s timeline with you and determine the best options for them!