Tidewater Veterinary Academy

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Tidewater Veterinary Academy

The Tidewater Veterinary Academy is a group of local veterinarians in Virginia Beach, VA that discusses the latest trends in the veterinary industry at monthly meetings. Dr. Andrew Silverstone is the President of the Academy and organizes the meetings. For more information about the group, please contact the  Veterinary Hospital of Virginia Beach at (757) 340-6996.

2020 Tidewater Veterinary Academy Schedule - Virginia Beach

Below is our current schedule for 2020.  Please note, the meetings are listed in reverse chronological order.

Wednesday, July 22, 7-9PM EST (Live Only)

Controlled Substances 101, Part 2.
Jan Wood.  Sponsored by Epicur Pharma.

Thursday, July 16, 7-8PM (Live Only)

Fluid Therapy.
Dr. Timothy Smatha. Sponsored by Dechra

Thursday, June 25, 7-9PM (Live Only)

Opioid, Controlled Substances.
Jan Woods. Sponsored by Epicur Pharma.

May 28, 7-8PM (Live Only)

Chomping, Chewing, Licking, Animal Behavior.
Dr. M. Leanne Lilly, DACVB. The Ohio State University.

Tuesday, May 19, 7-8PM (Live Only)

Aflaxan Anesthesia 
Sponsored by Covetrus & Jurox

Wednesday, April 1

Pet Loss Support 
Ms. Jennifer Fox. Sponsored by The Pet Loss Center

Wednesday, March 4

Dr. Laurie Dohmen

Wednesday, February 5

Dr. Kara Woody.

On Demand CE – Watch Anytime

Below are CE Lectures available to view at your convenience. Once you’ve completed the lecture, please email the Academy to receive proof of CE.

Radio-Frequency & Piezoelectric Therapies

Radio-Frequency & Piezoelectric Therapies.
Cindy Harrington, PhD, CVT. Sponsored by INDIBA. 

The Forensic Necropsy

The Forensic Necropsy.
Dr. Adam Stern of the University of Florida CVM. This lecture is a great reminder on necropsy techniques, especially for those who do not get to perform them very frequently.